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01.Nanoporous Materials: Types, Properties and Uses
02.Advanced Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology
03.Advances in Nanotechnology. Volume 10
04.Ba(Ti,Zr)O(-3) - Functional Materials: From Nanopowders to Bulk Ceramics
05.Biocompatible Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications
06.Electrospun Nanofibers Research: Recent Developments
07.Gold Nanoparticles: Properties, Characterization and Fabrication
08.Magnetic Pulsed Compaction of Nanosized Powders
09.Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS): Technology, Fabrication Processes and Applications
10.Nanocomposites: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications
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Nanotechnology Research Biographical Sketches and Research Summaries $165.00
Editors: Bruce A. Horvath
Book Description:
This new book compiles biographical sketches of top professionals in the field of nanotechnology, as well as research summaries from a number of different focuses in this important field. (Imprint: Nova Press)

Table of Contents:

Part 1 - Research Biographies

Jaworek Anatol;pp. 3-7

Amanda S. Barnard;pp. 7-10

Daniel Branagan;pp. 11-14

Satinder Kaur Brar;pp. 14-22

S.K. Chakarvarti;pp. 23-33

Jin Chang;pp. 34-39

Win-Jin Chang;pp. 39-43

Yongsheng Chen;pp. 43-46

Paul K.Chu;pp. 47-49

M.-Pilar Marco Colás;pp. 50-108

Rassoul Dinarvand;pp. 109-114

Maria Jose Alonso Fernandez;pp. 115-120

Mauro Ferrari;pp. 120-125

Mamalis Athanasios Georgios;pp. 126-131

Shubhra Goel;pp. 132-137

Mohammed Ashraf Gondal;pp. 138-145

Richard Gordon;pp. 146-149

Peixuan Guo;pp. 149-150

Kathiresan Kandasamy;pp. 150-154

Moon Suk Kim;pp. 155-160

Ping-Chung Kuo;pp. 160-162

Jerzy J. Langer;pp. 162-165

Aihua Liu;pp. 165-168

Andrè E. Nel;pp. 168-172

Shalini Prasad;pp. 172-174

Vibha Rani;pp. 175-180

Ahmad Reza Shahverdi;pp. 180-182

Eliana B. Souto;pp. 182-183

Thommey P. Thomas;pp. 183-190

Tachung C. Yih;pp. 191-193

Jackie Y. Ying;pp. 193-195

Anatolii V. Yukhnevich;pp. 195-197

Ting Yu;pp. 197-203

Part 2 - Research Summaries in Nanotechnology pp.205

Advanced Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology;pp. 207
(Viroj Wiwanitkit)

Applications of Electrospun Nanofiber Membranes for Bioseparations;pp. 207
(Todd J.Menkhaus,Lifeng Zhang,Hao Fong)

Barrier Properties of Polymer Clay Nanocomposites;pp. 208
(Vikas Mittal)

Bio-Inspired Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology;pp. 209
(Yong Zhou)

Bioencapsulation in Silica-Based Nanoporous Sol-Gel Glasses;
pp. 209-210

Development and Application of Nanofiber Materials;pp. 210

Electron–Phonon Interactions in Novel Nanoelectronics;pp. 210-211
(Takashi Kato)

Electrospun Nanofibers and Nanotubes Research Advances;pp. 212

Electrospun Nanofibers Research: Recent Developments;pp. 212-213

Gold Nanoparticles as an Antigen Carrier and an Adjuvant;pp. 213

Monomers, Oligomers, Polymers, Composites and Nanocomposites Research: Synthesis, Properties and Applications;pp. 214

Nano and Micro-Crystalline Diamond Films and Powders;pp. 214-215
(Valerie Ligatchev)

New Nanotechnology Developments;pp. 215
(Armando Barranon)

Preparation of Nanostructured Polymeric Particles for Drug Delivery Applications and the Affecting Parameters;pp. 216
(Sepideh Khoee)

Nanoscale Surface Size Dependence in Protein Conjugation;pp. 217
(Kazushige Yokoyama)

Optical Properties of Trivalent Lanthanide Ions Doped ZnO Nanomaterials;pp. 218

Nanomechanics and Nanotribological Characterization of Self-Assembled Monolayers for Nanosystems;pp. 219

Nano-and Microstructural Silicon Powders in the Synthesis and Storage of Hydrogen;pp. 220

Positronics and Nanotechnologies: Possibilities of Studying Nano-objects in Technically Important Materials and Nanomaterials;
pp. 221

Self-Assembling of InAs Quantum Dots on GaAs(001) in Molecular Beam Epitaxy;pp. 222

A Green Synthesis of ZnxCd1-xS Nanoparticles Using Soluble Starch as Capping Agent;pp. 223

Nanotechnology: Obtaining of Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites and Their Use in Food and Drug Packaging;pp. 223-224
(A.Edwin Moncada)

Scientific Strategies for Predicting Risks and Hazards Associated with Nanomaterials;pp. 224
(Amanda S.Barnard)

Nanostructured Conducting Polymers and their Nanocomposites: Classification, Properties, Fabrication and Applications;pp. 225-226
(Ufana Riaz,S.M.Ashraf)

Semiconductor Nanoparticles in Photocatalysis: The Present Status and Perspectives;pp. 227-228
(O.L.Stroyuk,S.Y.Kuchmiy,A.I.Kryukov V.D.Pokhodenko)

Amorphous Nickel Alloy Catalysts: Research, Technology and Application;pp. 228-229

Morphology Changes in Carbon Nanoparticles Due to Different Atom Arrangements;pp. 229-230
(Nikola Koprinarov)

Cellular Nanomechanics in Nanomedicine;pp. 230

Size-Controllable Synthesis and Characterization of Wide Band Gap Semiconductor Oxide Nanoparticles;pp. 231
(I.Odone Mazali,A.Gomes Souza Filho,,O.L.Alves)

PT/Mesoporous Carbon Nanocatalysts for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell;pp. 232
(A.Hayashi,K.'ichi Kimijima,I.Yagi)

Catalysts Based on the Nanodispersed Metastable Iron Oxyhydroxide, 2-Line Ferrihydrite;pp. 233

Novel Hollow Lotus-Like ZnO Assemblies Fabricated in the Presence of F127 Triblock Copolymers;pp. 233-234

Synthesis and Optical Properties of Polymer Functionalized Inorganic Nanoparticles;pp. 234

Nanomedical Research from Thailand: An Overview;pp. 235
(Viroj Wiwanitkit)

Protein Bonding Effect of Gold Nanoparticle in Seminal Fluid: Implication for Infertility;pp.235
(Viroj Wiwanitkit)

Size of Vector in Gene Transfer: An Important Determinant;pp. 236
(Viroj Wiwanitkit)

DEAE-Dextran and DEAE-Dextran-MMA Graft Copolymer for Nonviral Delivery of Nucleic Acids;pp. 236-237

Current Directions in Nanomachining;pp. 237-238
(Mark J.Jackson,Jeffrey J.Evans)

Ba(Ti,Zr)O3 - Functional Materials: From Nanopowders to Bulk Ceramics;pp. 238-239
(Adelina Ianculescu,Liliana Mitoseriu)

Phase Mixture Models and Unit-Cell Calculations for the Effective Elastic and Thermal Properties of Nanocrystalline Ceramics;pp. 239-240
(Willi Pabst,Eva Gregorova)

Applications and Nanomanufacturing of Modern Microfluidic Devices;pp. 240-241

Fabrication of Biomolecular Nanopatterns;pp. 241
(Zhen Gu,Yi Tang,Yong Chen)

Resistance Switching Effects of Metal Oxide Thin Films for Nonvolatile Random Access Memory Applications;pp. 242
(Dinghua Bao)

Investigation of Perovskite Lanthanum Manganite Nanoparticles;pp. 243

Electrical Behavior of Ln2TiO5 (Ln= Dy-Yb) Nanostructural Ceramics;pp. 244
(A.K.Rakshit,S.Priya Moulik)

From Gold Nano-Particles through Nano-Wire to Gold Nano-Layers on Substrate;pp. 245-246

Gold Nanoparticles as an Antigen Carrier and as an Adjuvant;pp. 246

Laser Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles and the Control over their Properties;pp. 247
(Georgy A.Shafeev)

Plasmonic Nanopatterning of the Material Surface Mediated with Gold Nanoparticles Excited by a Femtosecond Laser Pulse;pp. 248

Femtosecond Laser Ablation of Nanoparticles;pp. 249
(Mushtaq A.Sobhan,E.M.Goldys)

Plasmonic Nanoparticles - Noble Material for Sensoric Applications;pp. 250

Short and Long Range Sensing on Plasmonic Nanostructures Coated with Oxide-Based Dielectrics;pp. 251
(Sabine Szunerits,Rabah Boukherroub)

Structure and Properties of Nanocomposite Interface: Polymer – Noble Metals;pp. 252

Breakthroughs for Gold Nanoparticles: Perspectives and Applications;pp. 253

Solution and Solid-State Methods to Prepare Au Nanoparticles: A Comparison;pp.254
(Carlos Diaz,Maria Luisa Valenzuela)

Gold Nanoparticles and their In-Vitro Property;pp. 254
(Viroj Wiwanitkit)

Gold Nanoparticles: What is their Usefulness in the Emerging Infectious Disease Scenario?;pp. 255
(Viroj Wiwanitkit)

Encapsulating Modification of Titania/Titanium Nanotube Composites for Electrochemical and Photochemical Applications;pp. 255-256
(Yibing Xie,Limin Zhou)

Fabrication and Applications of Nanocomposites Coatings;pp. 256-257
(Alsayed Abdel Aal)

Preparation and Mechanical Performance of Rubber Modified Thermoplastic Polymer-Clay Nanocomposites;pp. 257

Biodegradable Nanocomposites based on Starch, PCL and their Blends;pp. 258

Gold Nanoparticles in Organic Systems: Applications in Catalysis, Sensors and Electronics;pp. 259
(K.Mallick,M.J.Witcomb,R.Ul Islam)

Ceramic Nanocomposites for High Temperature, Sensor and Bio-Applications;pp. 260
(Csaba Baldzsi)

Effect of Quaternary Ammonium Salts in the Brazilian Bentonite Clay Organophilization for the Development of HDPE Nanocomposites;pp. 261

Modified Vermiculite and Kaolinite Precursors for Nanocomposites;
pp. 262

Liquid-Phase Nanosynthesis: From Small Particles to Higher-Order Microstructures;pp. 263

Quantum dots in medicinal chemistry and drug development;pp. 263-264

Synthesis Characterization and Property of Nanooxide Lithium Ion-Service;pp. 264
(J.-G.Yu,Q.-H.Zhang,S.-Y.Sun,S.-P.Li,X.-S.H Yin)

Nanodiamonds From Laser Ablation in Liquid;pp. 265

Contributions from the Coordination Chemistry in Nanomaterials Synthesis;pp. 265-266
(C.Ribeiro, Camargo)

Optical Properties of a Silicon Nanocrystal;pp. 266
(Ilya Sychugov,Jan Linnros)

Synthesis and Binding of ZnS Nanocrystals to Natural and Synthetic Fibres;pp. 267

Photoluminescence of Si Nanocrystals Embedded in SiO2;pp. 267-268
(Ming Lu)

Electrical Characterization of MOS Structures with Si-Nanocrystals as Memory Devices: A Nanoscale Approach with AFM;pp. 268-269

Towards Mid-Infrared Active Colloidal Nanocrystals: The State-of-the-Art and the Challenges;pp. 269-270

Permeability Studies of Electrospun Chitin and Chitosan Nanofibrous Membranes;pp. 270

Novel chitosan–containing micro- and nanofibrous materials by electrospinning: preparation and biomedical application;pp. 271

A novel approach for analysis of processing parameters in electrospinning of nanofibers;pp. 272

Carbon Nanofibers as Sensor;pp. 272-273

Processing-structure relationships of electrospun nanofibers;pp. 273
(Xiangwu Zhang)

Glycosylated nanofibers for protein adsorption and recognition;pp. 274
(Ai-Fu Che,Ling-Shu Wan,Zhi-Kang Xu)

Porphyrinated polymer Nanofibers by Electrospinning;pp. 275

A nanofibrillar prosthetic modified with fibroblast growth factor-2 for spinal cord repair;pp. 276

Fabrication, performance, and biomedical application of collagen-, gelatin- or Keratin-containing PHBV nanofibers;pp. 277
(I.-K.Kang,Z.-C.Xing,J.Yuan,Oh H.Kwon,J.C.Kim,Y.Ito)

Fabrication and characterization of polypropylene fiber reinforced by carbon nanofiber;pp. 278
(Yuanxin Zhou,Shaik Jeelani)

Thermal analysis of carbon nanotubes incorporated polyurethanes nanocomposites;pp. 279

Carbon nanotubes incorporated polyurethanes nanocomposites for thermal and electrical conductive applications;pp. 280

Formation of Nanoparticles Under Laser Ablation of Solids in Liquids;pp. 281

Carbon Nanoparticles as Substrates for Cell Adhesion and Growth;
pp. 282-283

Organic-Shell Inorganic Core Hybrid Nanoparticles with Advanced Functions Designed by Wet Process;pp. 284
(Mami Yamada)

Nanoparticles and Quantum Dots as Biomolecule Labels for Electrochemical Biosensing;pp. 285
(Martin Pumera)

Hybrid Nanoparticle Based on Silica;pp. 285-286
(Shaojun Guo,Erkang Wang)

Heat Transfer of Nanoparticle Suspensions (Nanofluids);pp. 286-287
(S.M.Sohel Murshed,Kai Choong Leong,Chun Yang)

Recent Developments in the Effective Thermal Conductivity of Nanoparticle Suspensions (Nanofluids) Research;pp. 287-288
(Calvin H.Li,G.P.Peterson)

Enhancement and Temperature Variation in the Thermal Conductivity of Nanofluids;pp. 288-289

Nanotechnology: Obtaining of Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites and Their Use in Food and Drug Packaging;pp. 289
(A.Edwin Moncada)

The Applications of Nanoparticles in Electrochemistry;pp. 290
(Ruhai Tian,Jinfang Zhi)

Field Enhanced Thermal Conductivity in Heat Transfer Nanofluids with Magnetic coating on Carbon Nanotubes;pp. 291

Polymeric Nanoparticles for Oral Delivery of Protein Drug;pp. 292

Electron-Phonon Interactions and their Applications to Novel Nanoelectronics I: The Effect of Atomic Substitutions;pp. 293-294
(Takashi Kato)

Stabilized Metal Nanoparticles Embedded Into Porous Oxides: A Challenging Approach For Robust Catalysts;pp. 294-295
(L.De Rogatis,T.Montini,V.Gombac,M.Cargnello,P.Fornasiero)

Compelling Evidence for High-Temperature Superconductivity in Carbon Nanotubes;pp. 295-296
(Guo-meng Zhao)

Titania 1D Nanostructured Materials; Synthesis, Properties, and Applications;pp. 296

Transition Metal Oxide (TMO) Nanorods: Synthesis, Characterization, Properties, and Applications;pp 297
(W.-N.Li,V.M.B.Crisostomo,E.Kennedy Nyutu,Y.-S.Ding,S.L.Suib)

Growth of ZnO Nanorods from the Gas Phase;pp. 298
(Ye Sun,J.L.Warren,Michael N.R.Ashfold,F.Claeyssens)

Hydrothemal Synthesis of Inorganic Nanomaterials;pp. 298-299
(Yongchun Zhu,Yitai Qian)

Selected Synthesis Methods for Nanowires Encapsulated inside Carbon Nanostructures and their Fascinating Properties;pp. 300

Formation of Gold and Iron Nanowires in Carbon and Boron Nitride Nanotubes;pp. 301
(Takeo Oku)

Electrochemical Nanofabrication;pp. 301-302
(Di Wei)

Fabrication and Application of Novel Two-Dimensional Nanowebs Via Electrospinning;pp. 303

Nano-Scale Characterization And Spectroscopy Of Strained Silicon;
pp. 304
(Norihiko Hayazawa,A.Tarun

Nanotechnologies For Cancer Diagnostics and Treatment;pp. 305
(Phong Tran,Thomas J.Webster)

Mechanical Characterization at Nanometric Scale of Ceramic Superconductor Composites;pp. 306

ZnO Nanowire Arrays: Template-Free Assembly Growth And Their Physical Properties;pp. 307
(Bingqiang Cao,Weiping Cai)

Spatially resolved control of electrical resistivity in organic materials - development of a new fabrication method of junction structures;pp. 308
(Toshio Naito)

Fabrication of Electrical Contacts on Individual Metal Oxide Nanowires and Novel Device Architectures;pp. 309
(F.Hernandez Ramirez,J.D.Prades,R.Jimenez-Diaz,O.Casals,A.Cirera,
A.Romano-Rodriguez,J.Ramon Morante,S.Barth,S.Mathur)

Functionalization Of Nanoparticles, Nanotubes And Nanowires By Surfaced-Initiated Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization;pp. 310
(Jinying Yuan,Mi Zhou,Y.Yin)

Synthesis And Applications Of Nano-Sized Ferroelectrics Via Mechanochemical Activation;pp. 311

Preparation And Characterization Of Monoatomic Carbon Chains; Unraveling,Field Ion Microscopy, and Field Emission;pp. 312
(Igor M.Mikhailovskij)

Sequential Nucleation And Growth Of Complex Nanostructures By A Two-Step Strategy;pp. 313
(Li Yang,Paul W.May,Lei Yin)

Progress Of Self-Standing Diamond Film Fabricated By DC Arc Jet Plasma CVD;pp. 314

Nanoshell Arrays: Fabrication And Enhanced Photoluminescence;pp. 315
(Zhipeng Huang,Jing Zhu)

A Strategy for the Incorporation of Trivalent Lanthanide Ions into Anatase TiO2 Nanocrystals;pp. 316

Nanocrystallite Superhard Titanium Nitride Film In Multi-Arc Ion Plating;pp. 317

Embedded Optical-Electrical Nanomaterials Fabricated By Ion Implation;pp. 318

Structural, Dynamical And Optical Properties Of Self-Assembled Porphyrins At The Mesoscopic Scale;pp. 319
(V.Villari,N.Micali,L.Mons'u Scolaro)

Nanosphere Lithography Lithography to Enable Plasmonic Applications;pp. 320
(Yue Bing Zheng,Tony Jun Huang)

Chitosan Micro- and Nanospheres: fabrication and applications for drug and DNA delivery;pp. 321
(Andrea Masotti,Giancarlo Ortaggi)

The Synthesis, Characterization and Properties of the Metal and Metal Salt Nanoclusters Prepared in the Presence of Dendrimers;pp. 322-323
(Yun-Jun Luo,Guo-ping Li)

Nanocrystalline Apatite-based Biomaterials: Synthesis, Processing and Characterization;pp. 323

Tungsten Oxide Nanowires: Preparation, Characterization, Property and Application;pp. 324

Pulsed Electrodeposition and Characterizations of Bi-based Nanowire and Nanojunction Arrays;pp. 325
(Guanghai Li,Liang Li,Yong Zhang)

Anisotropic Domain Walls in Magnetic Nanostructures With Perpendicular Anisotropy;pp. 325-326

Stress and Melting Temperature at the Nanoscale;pp. 326

Restricted flow in Nano-Channels;pp. 327

Study of the Laser Ablation and Flow Characteristics for Generating Nano-Particles;pp. 327-328

Templated Growth of Metallic and Semiconducting Nanowires and Nanowire Networks;pp. 328-329
(Martin G.Bakker,Vishal Warke)

Nature of ZnO Nanowires on Amorphous Carbons;pp. 329

Chemical Gas Sensors Based on Nanowires;pp. 330

Magnetic Properties of Closely Packed Ferromagnetic Nanowire;
pp. 330-331

Nanowires of Conducting Polymers and Semiconductors: Electrochemical Fabrication and their Photonic and Electronic Properties;pp. 331
(Zhou Jian-Zhang,Lin Zhong-Hua)

Dimensional Inorganic Oxide Nanowire Progress;pp. 332

III-Nitride Nanowires Research;pp. 333
(Ho-Young Cha,Huaqiang Wu)

Atomistic Analysis of Crystal Plasticity in a Copper Nanowire during Tensile Loading;pp. 333-334

Selected Synthesis Methods for Nanowires Encapsulated inside Carbon Nanostructures and their Fascinating Properties;pp. 334-335

Formation of Gold and Iron Nanowires in Carbon and Boron Nitride Nanotubes;pp. 335
(Takeo Oku)

Thermodynamic and Kinetic Theories of Nanowire Growth;pp. 336

One-Dimensional Nanostructure Materials of Gold: Optical Properties, Syntheses, Assemblies and Potential Applications;pp. 337

Preparation of Magnetic Nanoparticles and Application to Isolation of Cells and Extraction of Biomacromolecules from Biological Samples;
pp. 338
(Zhi Shan,Wanshen Yang,Xu Zhang)

Application of Paramagnetic Sensors Technique for the Investigation of the Systems Containing Magnetic Particles;pp. 339

Synthesis of Diameter-Controlled Carbon Nanotubes from Monodispersed Fe-Based Nanoparticles;pp 340
(Itaru Gunjishima)

Electrochemical Deposition of Metal Nanoparticles on Silicon;pp. 341
(Shinji Yae,Naoki Fukumuro,Hitoshi Matsuda)

Nanotechnology: Obtaining of Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites and Their Use in Food and Drug Packing;pp. 342
(Edwin Moncada)

Another Immunotoxicity of Nanoparticles: Exacerbating Factor for Hypersensitive Subjects?;pp. 343
(Ken-ichiro Inoue,Hirohisa Takano)

The Catalytic Performance of Palladium-Polymer Functional Nanocomposites;pp. 344
(K.Mallick,R.Ul Islam,M.J.Witcomb,M.S.Scurrell)

Synthesis of Hierarchical Ordered Porous Carbon;pp. 345
(Wenzhong Shen)

Nanoparticles in Polymer Nanocomposites for Tribological Applications;pp/. 345-346

Nanoparticle Preparation in Micro-Structured Devices;pp. 346

The Bead Array-Effective Medium Model for the Electrophoresis of Macromolecules and Nanoparticles Arrays;pp. 347
(Stuart Allison,Hongxia Pei)

Single Particle Mass Spectrometry: From Development to Application;pp. 348

Structure and Opto-Electronic Behavior of Diamondoids, with Applications as MEMs and at the Nanoscale Level;pp. 349

Investigation of P-type ZnO Layers obtained by RBQE Method;pp. 350

Polymeric Nanocomposites, Stabilized Organic Derivatives of Five-Valent Phosphorus;pp. 350-351

Polymeric/Silicate Nanocomposites Based on Organomodified Clays;
pp. 351

Fundamental Aspects of Filling of Nanocomposites with High-Elasticity Matrix: Fractal Models;pp. 352

Synthesis and Investigation of Magnetic Properties of GD- Substituted Mn-Zn Ferrite Nanoparticles as a Potential Low Curie Temperature Agent for Magnetic Fluid Hyperthermia;pp. 353

Structure Formation of Polymer Nanocomposites Based on Polypropylene;pp. 354

The Interrelation of Elasticity Modulus and Amorphous Chain's Tightness for Nanocomposites Based on the Polypropylene;pp. 355

Synthesis, Characterization and Properties of Low-Dimensional Nanostructures;pp. 355-356
(Huaqiang Cao)

Thermal Degradation and Combustion of Polypropylene Nanocomposite;
pp. 356-357

Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes using Novel Alloy Hydride Catalysts by Thermal CVD and their Energy-Related Applications;pp. 357
(Sundara Ramaprabhu,Mancheri Manikoth Shaijumon)

Synthesis of Embedded Gold and AgAu & CuAu Alloy Nanoclusters in Soda-Lime Glass by Ion-Exchange:A Novel Route;pp. 358

Low-Dimensional ZnO Nanostructures: Design, Structures and Properties;pp. 359
(G.Shen,D.Chen,C.Jin Lee)

Optics of Nanoparticles: Substrate, Size and Interface Effects;pp. 360

Highly-Ordered Arrays of AnodicTiO2 Nanotubes as Templates: Synthesis and Applications;pp. 361

Polymer-Assisted Preparation and Characterization of Yttrium Hydroxycarbonate and its Derived Oxide;pp. 362

On the Pairing Mechanism in Doped Armchair Carbon Nanotubes;
pp. 363-364

STM-Based Nanopatterning of Silicon Nanoparticle Films;pp. 364

Novel Growth of AG Islands On SI (111) Surfaces by Molecular Beam Epitaxy: Plateaus with Atomic Scale Preferred Heights;pp. 365

Synthesis, Properties and Applications of Germanium Nanocrystals;pp.366

Optical Properties of Nanocrystalline Gallium Nitride Films;
pp. 366-367

Photoluminescence from Rare Earth Ions Doped Nanocrystals;pp.367-368
(Zuoling Fu,Siyuan Zhang)

Particles as Protein Markers: Nanoscale Microscopy Towards Picoscale;pp. 368

Bio-Separation Based on Functionalized Magnetic Nanoparticles;pp. 369
(Zhi Shan,Wanshen Yang,Xu Zhang)

Advances in Achievement of Interfacial Compatibility and Organic-Inorganic Phase Mixing in Polymer Nanocomposites;pp. 370
(Vikas Mittal)

Effect of Nano-Confinement on Molecular Motion of Fluid;pp. 371

Environmentally Friendly Conversion Coating Applications for Hot Rolled Steel (HRS) Prior to Powder Coating Application;pp. 372
(Bulent Tepe,Banihan Gunay)

Overloading and Recursion in Queueing Network Nodes;pp. 372-373

Growth of NB-Catalysed GAN Nanowires;pp. 373

Nanowire Chemical Gas Sensors;pp. 374

Temperature and Magnetic Moment Characteristics of MNB0.5BZNB0.5BGDBXBFEB(2-X)BOB4B Magnetic Nanoparticles in Hyperthermia;pp. 375

Constraint Theory Applied to Proteins;pp. 376

Structure and Magnetism in Iron Clusters;pp. 377

Unique Properties of Nanostructured Semiconductors: Control of Size by Capping and Self-Assembly by DNA;pp. 378

Polymers as Natural Nanocomposites: The Comparative Analysis of Reinforcement Mechanisms;pp. 379

Polymers as Natural Nanocomposites: The Geometry of Intercomponent Interactions;pp. 379-380

Polymers as Natural Nanocomposites: The Reinforcement Structural Model;pp. 380

Polymers as Natural Nanocomposites: The Structural Analysis of Thermo-Physical Properties;pp. 380-381

Polymers as Natural Nanocomposites: The Leidner-Woodhams Model Application;pp. 381

Polymers as Natural Nanocomposites: The Stress Concentration and Strength;pp. 381-382

The Characteristics of EPR Spectra as Indicator of a Molecular Mobility Level in Polymers;pp. 382

Polymers as Natural Nanocomposites: Elasticity Modulus and Polymer Chains Tightness;pp. 383

Supported Metal Nanoparticles in Catalysis;pp. 383-384
(Rafael Luque)

Factors Governing the Dispersion of Highly Apolar Compounds in Polar Environment: Case of B-Carotene;pp. 384
(Cao-Hoang Lan,Wache Yves)

Self-Assembling of InAs Quantum Dots on GaAs(001) in Molecular Beam Epitaxy;pp. 385

A Theoretical Approach to Design Electron Accepptors for Buld Heterojunction Solar Cells;pp. 386

Troponin T: Newer Magnetic Immunoassay Method of Troponins as Point-of-Care Detection of Acute Myocardial Infarction;pp. 387

Troponin T: A Search of Superparamagnetic Iron-Oxide Bound
Antitroponin Nanoparticle for Magnetic Resonance Imaging;pp.388
(Rakesh Sharma)

Kupffer Cell Enzymes as Biomarkers in Guinea Pigs Induced with
Amoebic liver Abscess and 2¡¯Nitroimidazole Treatment;pp. 389
(Rakesh Sharma,V.S.Singh)

Hepatocyte Cellular Enzymes as Biomarkers in Guinea Pigs Induced with Amoebic liver Abscess and 2'Nitroimidazole Treatment;pp. 390
(Rakesh Sharma,V.S.Singh

Optical Properties of Nanocrystalline Gallium Nitride Films;pp. 391

      Nanotechnology Science and Technology
   Binding: ebook
   Pub. Date: 2011
   Pages: 7 x 10, 391pp.
   ISBN: 978-1-53611-736-3
   Status: AV
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01.Multicultural and Citizenship Awareness through Language: Cross Thematic Practices in Language Pedagogy
02.The Brainstem and Behavior
03.Sustainable Development: The Context of Use of Indigenous Plants for Local Economic Growth
04.Cancer versus Nutraceuticals
05.Fundamentals of Fuel Injection and Emission in Two-Stroke Engines
06.Free to Love: Schema Therapy for Christians
07.Textiles: Advances in Research and Applications
08.Cheese Production, Consumption and Health Benefits
09.Education in Lesotho: Prospects and Challenges
10.Work-Life Balance in the 21st Century: Perspectives, Practices, and Challenges
11.Electrical Measurements: Introduction, Concepts and Applications
12.Potassium Channels in Health and Disease

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