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East African Country Tensions and Relations
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1 x FAA Airspace Redesign and Congestion Management
1 x Focus on Statin Research
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1 x Brain-Body Interactions: Contemporary Outcome Prediction in Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Using Bayesian Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic
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2 x Alzheimer's Disease: A Caregivers Guide
1 x Internet Policies and Issues. Volume 11
1 x A Computable General Equilibrium Model for Environmental Policy Analysis: The Case of Deforestation in the Philippines
1 x Drosophila melanogaster: Genome Evolution, Behavior and Economic Importance
1 x Cerebellum: Anatomy, Functions and Disorders
1 x Cataracts and Cataract Surgery: Types, Risk Factors, and Treatment Options
1 x Advances in Plasma Physics Research, Volume 4
1 x Child Abuse: Children with Disabilities
1 x Carbamazepine: Indications, Contraindications and Adverse Effects
3 x Phenolic Compounds: Types, Effects and Research
1 x Advances in Condensed Matter and Materials Research, Volume I
1 x Frances Clara Folsom Cleveland
1 x Advances in Mathematics Research. Volume 21
1 x Social Issues Research Summaries (with Biographical Sketches). Volume 3
1 x Discussions with Julian Jaynes: The Nature of Consciousness and the Vagaries of Psychology
1 x The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act: Overview and Modifications
1 x Quasi Government Organizations
1 x Cerebral Blood Flow Regulation
1 x Animal Genetics
1 x Abdominal Injuries: Risk Factors, Management and Prognosis
1 x Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS): Diagnosis, Management and Research Insights
1 x Progress in Education. Volume 46
2 x ‘L’Atelier Moderne’: An Exploration of the Collaborative Process Between Performer and Composer in Vocal Music Theatre of the 21st Century (CD Included)
1 x Computer Vision and Simulation: Methods, Applications and Technology
1 x Counterfeit Parts in the Department of Defense Supply Chain: Reporting Challenges and Risk Issues
1 x Cataracts: Causes, Symptoms, and Surgery
1 x Food Insecurity Among Hispanics and Immigrants in the U.S.: Selected Analyses
1 x Cationic Amphiphiles: Self-Assembling Systems for Biomedicine and Biopharmacy
3 x Biological Conservation in the 21st Century: A Conservation Biology of Large Wildlife
2 x Security Risks: Assessment, Management and Current Challenges
2 x The Wetlands of India
2 x Hydroxyapatite and Other Calcium Orthophosphates: Bioceramics, Coatings and Dental Applications
3 x Virtual Reality: Recent Advances in Virtual Rehabilitation System Design
2 x Adolescence: Bicycle and Helmet Use of Adolescents and Young Adults
3 x From Copernicus to Lambda-CDM
1 x Religion: Past, Present and Future Perspectives
2 x Horizons in Neuroscience Research. Volume 30
1 x The Transgender Handbook: A Guide for Transgender People, Their Families and Professionals
2 x Central Regulation of Growth: Morphological and Functional Considerations
2 x Advances in Energy Research. Volume 26
2 x Generation X, Y and the Baby Boomers
2 x Bullous Pemphigoid (BP): Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment
2 x The Lived World of Social Theory and Method
1 x Nutraceuticals: Prospects, Sources and Role in Health and Disease
1 x Handwriting: Recognition, Development and Analysis
1 x Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI): Diagnosis, Prevalence and Quality of Life
1 x Artificial Neural Networks in Chemical Engineering
1 x Financial Management: Methods, Outcomes and Challenges
3 x Hydroxyapatite and Other Calcium Orthophosphates: Biocomposites, Self-Setting Formulations and Dissolution
2 x Biopolymers: Structure, Performance and Applications
1 x Ergonomic Design and Assessment of Products and Systems
2 x Completion and Unification of Quantum Mechanics with Einstein's GR Ideas, Part II: Unification with GR
1 x Advances in Materials Science Research. Volume 29
1 x Imperial Maladies: Literatures on Healthcare and Psychoanalysis in India
1 x Apriorics: Model of Elementary Particles and Beyond
1 x Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs): Clinical and Patient Perspectives, Levels of Care and Emerging Challenges
2 x Autonomous Underwater Vehicles: Dynamics, Developments and Risk Analysis
1 x Polycrystalline and Spatially Non-Homogeneous Amorphous Semiconductors and Insulators
1 x Internet Policies and Issues. Volume 1
2 x Ceramic Materials: Synthesis, Performance and Applications
2 x Sociolinguistic Parallels Across Europe: Focus on Lowland Scotland and the Eastern Slavic Countries
1 x Nonlinearity: Problems, Solutions and Applications. Volume 1
2 x Intercultural Communication: Strategies, Challenges and Research
1 x Macedonia: Social, Political and Economic Issues
2 x Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma (CTCL): Clinical Features, Diagnosis and Treatment Options
1 x Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis and Treatments
1 x Biofilms: Characterization, Applications and Recent Advances
2 x Genetic Algorithms: Advances in Research and Applications
1 x The Voice at the End of the Telephone Line: The Psychology of Tele Carers
1 x Caught up in the Spirit! Teaching for Womanist Liberation
2 x Progress in Aircraft Icing and Aircraft Erosion Research
1 x Harnessing the Service Roundtrip Time over the Internet to Support Time-Critical Applications: Concepts, Techniques and Cases
1 x Carnosine: Physiological Effects and Research Insights
1 x Modeling and New Trends in Tourism: A Contribution to Social and Economic Development
3 x Natural Fibers: Properties, Mechanical Behavior, Functionalization and Applications
2 x Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA): Properties, Functions and Health Effects
2 x Police: Global Perceptions, Performance and Ethical Challenges
1 x Astrophysics: New Research
2 x Interval Analysis: Introduction, Methods and Applications
4 x Mathematical Research Summaries (with Biographical Sketches). Volume 1
1 x Echinoderms: Ecology, Habitats and Reproductive Biology
1 x Amazonian Apple Snails
2 x Biotechnological Applications of Seaweeds
1 x Africa after Independence:Realities of Nationhood
2 x Mathematical Models of Economic Growth and Crises
1 x Memorials and Monuments in the Nation's Capital: Background, Establishment and Related Issues
2 x Mango: Production, Properties and Health Benefits
1 x Acoustic Cavitation Theory and Equipment Design Principles for Industrial Applications of High-Intensity Ultrasound
1 x Applied Surface Chemistry of Nanomaterials
2 x Horizons in World Cardiovascular Research. Volume 12
2 x Environmental and Agricultural Research Summaries (with Biographical Sketches). Volume 10
1 x Nuclear Weapons: Global Programmes, Challenges and Security Implications
1 x Explorations of Internet Usage and Access in U.S. Homes
1 x Psychosocial Needs: Success in Life and Career Planning
2 x Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR): Advances in Research and Applications
1 x Progesterone: Functions, Uses and Research Insights
2 x Robotics: New Research
1 x Progress in Education. Volume 47
1 x Brain Drain in Higher Education: The Case of the Southern European Countries and Ireland
1 x Computer Design for New Drugs and Materials: Molecular Dynamics of Nanoscale Phenomena
1 x Andrew Jackson in Context
1 x Explosive Ordnance Disposal: Assessment and Role of EOD Forces
1 x Advances in Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics
2 x Focus on the Internet
2 x Advances in Animal Science and Zoology. Volume 10
1 x Allergies and Autism
1 x Dry Powder Inhalers: Formulation, Device and Characterization
1 x Pharmacogenomics in Latin America: Challenges and Opportunities
1 x Resistance Training: Principles, Adaptations and Health Effects
1 x Analysis and Evaluation of Communication Performance in a Real Time Industrial Fieldbus
3 x Design, Modeling, Manufacturing and Performance Evaluation of a Solar-Powered Single-Effect Absorption Cooling System (CD Included)
1 x BEST SCORES Solution to the Catastrophe-Bound Environment
3 x Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS): Past, Present and Future Directions
1 x Ovulation: Detection, Signs/Symptoms and Outcomes
1 x Monomer and Polymer Research Frontiers
1 x Spermatogenesis: Molecular Mechanisms, Regulation and Biological Perspectives
1 x Plasmonics: Advances in Research and Applications
2 x Safety Standards of Automotive Electronic Systems: Issues and Assessments
1 x 'The Knotted Cord'. Transgenerational Alcohol Related Neurodevelopmental Disorder (ARND)
4 x Focus on Mathematics Education Research
2 x Children and Youth: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Motor Vehicle Crashes
1 x Horizons in Earth Science Research. Volume 16
1 x The Political Algebra of Global Value Change: General Models and Implications for the Muslim World
2 x Meningiomas: Risk Factors, Treatment Options and Outcomes
1 x Online Learning in Higher Education
1 x Handbook of Research for Biomechanics and Anthropometry in Sport Science
1 x Advances in Nanotechnology. Volume 17
1 x Advances in Psychology Research. Volume 126
1 x Focus on Acoustic Emission Research
1 x State Marijuana Legalization: Issues and Effects
1 x Progress in Economics Research. Volume 36
1 x Polycrystalline Films: Characteristics, Applications and Research
1 x Bioglass: Properties, Functions and Applications
1 x Chronic Disease and Disability: Abuse and Neglect in Childhood and Adolescence
1 x The Governance of Local Communities: Global Perspectives and Challenges
2 x Chemical Pollution Control with Microorganisms
1 x Advances in Condensed Matter and Materials Research, Volume 5
1 x Antibacterials: Synthesis, Properties and Biological Activities
1 x Social Work: Practices, Perceptions and Challenges
2 x Advances in Condensed Matter and Materials Research. Volume 7
1 x Artemisinins in Malaria Therapy
1 x Agricultural Research Updates. Volume 16
1 x Advances in Marine Biology. Volume 1
1 x Advances in Condensed Matter and Materials Research, Volume 4
1 x Adolescent Eating Disorders
1 x Transatlantic and Trans-Pacific Free Trade Agreements: Negotiation Issues and Congressional Considerations
3 x Soy Protein: Properties, Health Effects and Research Advances
1 x Advances in Medicine and Biology. Volume 110
1 x Advances in Psychology Research. Volume 119
3 x Ecological and Biogeochemical Cycling in Impacted Polar Ecosystems
2 x Improving the Psychological Health of Foreign Workers in Developing Countries: A Socio-Ecological Analysis of the Saudi Construction Industry
2 x Protein-Protein Interactions (PPIs): Types, Methods for Detection and Analysis
2 x Readings in the 20th Century Genocide of the Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch (Sayfo)
1 x Hemorrhagic Shock: Recognition, Pathophysiology and Management
1 x Environmental and Agricultural Research Summaries (with Biographical Sketches). Volume 11
1 x Nanofiltration: Applications, Advancements and Research
1 x Omega-3: Dietary Sources, Biochemistry and Impact on Human Health
2 x Sunflower Oil: Interactions, Applications and Research
1 x Digital Image Correlation: Advanced Methods and Applications
2 x Nova Spring 2017 Catalog
1 x The Neurochemical Organization and Adult Neurogenesis in the Masu Salmon Brain
1 x Municipal Solid Waste: Management Strategies, Challenges and Future Directions
2 x Feminism: Past, Present and Future Perspectives
1 x Deep Brain Stimulation
2 x Conceptual Fluency Theory and the Teaching of Foreign Languages
1 x The Red Clover: Seed Production, Medicinal Uses, and Health and Environmental Benefits
1 x Epicatechin: Sources, Effects and Research
2 x Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Natural Environments and Long-Term Effects
1 x Scientific Meditations: Creationism Rightly Understood
1 x Coming of Age: The Rise of American Inbound Tourism in Vietnam
2 x Global Positioning System (GPS): Performance, Challenges and Emerging Technologies
1 x Art and Design Education: Perspectives, Challenges and Opportunities
1 x Major Depressive Disorder: Risk Factors, Characteristics and Treatment Options
1 x Life Span Development in Genetic Disorders: Behavioral and Neurobiological Aspects
1 x Human Mesenchymal and Embryonic Stem Cells
1 x Political Migrations in Poland in the Period of World War II
3 x High-Speed Internet Access on Tribal Lands: Assessments and Perspectives
1 x Advances in Environmental Research. Volume 56
1 x Biliary Diseases with Pancreatic Counterparts: A New Disease Concept
1 x Rural Development and Management in India: Opportunities and Challenges
2 x Rethinking Aging: Foucault, Victims and Death
1 x Progress in Economics Research. Volume 38
2 x The United States of Europe in Place of the European Union: Economics, Law and Politics
1 x Sarah Childress Polk: First Lady of Tennessee and Washington (A Volume in the Presidential Wives Series)
1 x Advanced Topics in Cell Model Systems
1 x Rare Earth Elements: Supply Chain Risks and National Defense Issues
2 x Hermeneutics and Discourse Analysis in Social Psychology (Softcover Version)
1 x Disaster Relief: Organizations, Speed and Efficiency of Response and Roles
1 x Photothermal Therapy: Mechanisms, Efficiency and Future Directions
2 x Microemulsions: Systems, Properties and Applications
2 x Information and Computer Technology, Modeling and Control
1 x The Presidency of Grover Cleveland
1 x Biopolymers and Nanocomposites for Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Applications
1 x Construction Projects: Improvement Strategies, Quality Management and Potential Challenges
1 x Rehabilitation: Innovations and Challenges in the Use of Virtual Reality Technologies
3 x Advances in Psychology Research. Volume 128
1 x Advances in Medicine and Biology. Volume 108
1 x Advances in Energy Research. Volume 25
1 x Microbiology and Biotechnology for a Sustainable Environment
1 x Biological Implications of Human Mobility
1 x Corporate Social Responsibility and Responsible Gambling in Gaming Destination
1 x New Approaches to the Law of the Sea (In Honor of Ambassador José Antonio de Yturriaga)
1 x The Goldwater-Nichols Department of Defense Reorganization Act: Reforms and Considerations
1 x Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on "Physics, Mechanics of New Materials and Their Applications"
1 x Cotton Fibres: Characteristics, Uses and Performance
3 x My Patients Were Mummies
1 x Assuring Institutional Quality in Open Distance Learning (ODL) in the Developing Contexts
1 x Robotic Surgery for the General Surgeon
1 x Artificial Neural Networks: New Research
1 x Vigilantes and Unauthorized Militia in America
1 x ADHD: Cognitive Symptoms, Genetics and Treatment Outcomes
1 x Hemodynamics: Monitoring, Theory and Applications
1 x Quantum Electrodynamics through the Eyes of a Biophysicist
2 x Airborne Particles: Origin, Emissions and Health Impacts
1 x Emerson’s Eastern Education
1 x ADD Brain: Diagnosis, Treatment And Science Of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHA)
1 x Molecular Chaperones of the Endoplasmic Reticulum
1 x Soil Organic Matter and Its Interactions with Metals: Processes, Factors, Ecological Significance
1 x Solar Ready Buildings and Homes: Planning and Promotion Practices
2 x North Korea: Political, Economic and Social Issues
1 x Inflammation Research Perspectives
1 x Advances in Condensed Matter and Materials Research. Volume 8
1 x Horizons in Cancer Research. Volume 63
1 x Grapes: Polyphenolic Composition, Antioxidant Characteristics and Health Benefits
1 x Domestic Violence: Prevalence, Risk Factors and Perspectives
1 x The Well-Woman Cookbook
2 x Embodied Cognition: Theories and Applications in Education Science
1 x Horizons in World Physics. Volume 289
1 x The Quick Theory Reference Guide: A Resource for Expert and Novice Mental Health Professionals
1 x Public Health: An Ecological Framework for Child Environmental Health Interventions
2 x Human Collaboration in Homeland Security
1 x Boron Nitride: Properties, Synthesis and Applications
1 x Environmental Degradation: Types, Causes and Impacts
1 x Advances in Modern Cement and Concrete
2 x Mastering Workplace Disciplinary Interviewing: A Complete Guide
1 x Service Quality (SQ): Perspectives, Management and Improvement Strategies
1 x Snails: Biodiversity, Biology and Behavioral Insights
1 x The BSCCO System, Studies of High Temperature Superconductors, Volume 35
1 x Rituximab: Pharmacology, Clinical Uses and Health Effects
1 x Navy Shipboard Lasers: The Weapons of Tomorrow
1 x Handbook of Smoking and Health
1 x Exploring Potential Synergy between Sustainable Forest Ecosystem Management and Technological Progress in Regionally Segmented Canadian Logging Industries: Bioeconomic Perspectives and Nonparametric Modeling
1 x Political Status of Puerto Rico
1 x A Critical Introduction to DSM
1 x A New Approach to Etiopathogenesis of Depression: Neuroplasticity
1 x Federal Student Aid and the Rising Cost of Higher Education: Analyses, Impacts, Perspectives
1 x Agricultural Research Updates. Volume 13
1 x Amtrak: Background and Bibliography
1 x Gaming: Trends, Perspectives and Impact on Health
1 x Topics in Prevalent Diseases: A Minority's Perspective
1 x Changes in the Environment: Implications on Vegetation
1 x Multiscale Thermal Transport in Energy Systems
1 x Energy Policies of Turkey During the Erdogan Era: Facts and Lies
1 x Dioxins: Sources, Impacts and Studies
1 x The Overseas Private Investment Corporation: Development Assistance Overview, Project Selection and Monitoring Practices
1 x Optical Fibers: Technology, Communications and Recent Advances
1 x Toxoplasma gondii: Dangers, Life Cycle and Research
1 x Affective Disorders: Epidemiology, Signs/Symptoms and Prognoses
1 x Acid Deposition and Ecosystem Sensitivity in East Asia
1 x The Contrarian Instructor: Leading College Students to Ask and Answer Their Own Questions
1 x The Occupational Safety and Health Act: Standards, Provisions, Rights
1 x Condition Monitoring and Dynamic Control Systems: Technology, Applications and Research
1 x Portal Hypertension: New Insights
1 x The Ghost of Achilles
2 x An Introduction to Fractional Calculus
1 x Beyond the Words: Communication and Suggestion in Medical Practice
1 x Earthquakes: Monitoring Technology, Disaster Management and Impact Assessment
1 x Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Nitrogen Losses from Grazed Dairy and Animal Housing Systems
1 x Quantum Gravity: Theory and Research
1 x The Mediterranean Diet: Perspectives, Food Components and Health Effects
1 x Occurrences, Structure, Biosynthesis, and Health Benefits Based on Their Evidences of Medicinal Phytochemicals in Vegetables and Fruits. Volume 7
1 x Neuroimaging in Multiple Sclerosis
1 x Photodynamic Therapy (PDT): Principles, Mechanisms and Applications
1 x Alcohol and Drug Use among Youth
1 x Addictions Treatment Workforce: Recruitment and Retention Challenges and Best Practices
1 x Local Governments in the Digital Era: Looking for Accountability
2 x Vukhomba: An Analysis of the Puberty Rites of Passage for Girls among Vatsonga in Relation to Sexuality Education
3 x Advances in Nanotechnology. Volume 18
1 x Forest Ecosystems: Management, Impact Assessment and Conservation
1 x Aviation and Airport Security: Management, Improvement Strategies and Future Challenges
1 x Developing Communities through Learning: Demonstrating Impact
2 x Water Utilities Use of Asset Management Practices: Assessments and Opportunities
1 x A Critical Review of the Current Trends in Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology
1 x Folic Acid: Sources, Health Effects and Role in Disease Prevention
1 x Knowledge, Technology and Applications of Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa) in the Food Industry
1 x Case Discussions in Endocrinology
1 x Expert Systems for Fatigue Life Predictions (CD Included)
1 x Sudden Cardiac Death: Predictors, Prevalence and Clinical Perspectives
1 x Completion and Unification of Quantum Mechanics with Einstein's GR Ideas, Part I: Completion of QM
1 x Migrants: Public Attitudes, Challenges and Policy Implications
1 x Knowledge Discovery in Cyberspace: Statistical Analysis and Predictive Modeling
1 x Advances in Chemistry Research. Volume 34
1 x Leadership: Promoting Leadership and Intrapersonal Development in University Students
1 x Advances in Medicine and Biology. Volume 115
1 x Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Transition and Inner Transition Elements and Their Complexes
1 x Research in Sport Psychology
1 x Current Advances in Sleep Biology
1 x Quantum Chemistry and Nuclear Resonance Spectroscopy Data of Natural and Synthetic Nanotechnological Materials with nd-Metal Atoms Participations
1 x Advances in Psychology Research, Volume 65
1 x Food Production and Eating Habits From Around the World: A Multidisciplinary Approach
1 x New Topics in Electrochemistry Research
1 x Plasmas and Energetic Processes in the Geomagnetosphere. Volume III: Solar Wind/IMF Coupling with Geomagnetosphere/Ionosphere/Atmosphere
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01.The Closing Chapters of Long Lives: Results from the 10-Year Swilsoo Study on the Oldest Old
02.Alzheimer's Disease in the Middle-Aged
03.Aging and Age-Related Diseases: The Basics
04.New Research on Nutrition for the Middle-Aged and Elderly
05.Progress in Cell Cycle Control Research
06.Foucault and Aging
07.Handbook of Cognitive Aging: Causes, Processes and Effects
08.Handbook of Type 2 Diabetes in the Middle Aged and Elderly
09.Old Age and Agency
10.Aging and the Elderly: Psychology, Sociology, and Health
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Human Chromosomes and Aging: From 80 to 114 Years
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Authors: Teimuraz Lezhava (Tbilisi State University, Georgia) 
Book Description:
This book presents a comprehensive review of the morphology and function of chromosomes in elderly people. The wide range of topics includes cyclical chromosome properties, mutations, repair, progressive chromosome heterochromatinization with increasing age, roles of nucleolar organizer regions, sister chromatid exchanges, homolog relationships, heterochromatin regions and other chromosomal features in very old age. This ground-breaking book focuses on heterochromatinization as a key determinant of the genetic apparatus function during senescence and an area to seek life-prolonging interventions. The book illustrates and updates progress in the field of cytogenetics of aging. The book contains 16 tables and 25 figures.

Table of Contents:
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CHAPTER 1 - Genetic Basis of Aging
1.1- General Considerations
1.2- Theory of Aging
CHAPTER 2 - Mutation
2.1- Aneuploidy
2.1.1- Aneuploidy in Peripheral Lymphocyte Cultures
2.1.2- Relationship Between ‘Natural’ and ‘Artifactual’ Aneuploidy
2.1.3- Premature Disjunction of Centromeres
2.1.4- Polyploidy (Endoreduplication)
2.2- Aberrations
2.2.1- Incidence of Aberrant Cells and Chromosome Aberrations
2.2.2- Types of Chromosome Aberrations
2.2.3- Chromosome Aberrations Induced by Heavy Metal Salts Discussion
CHAPTER 3 - Repair
3.1- Repair of DNA
3.1.1- Repair in Human Congenital Diseases
3.2- Unscheduled DNA Synthesis
3.3- Sister Chromatid Exchanges
Chromosome Modification
4.1- Functional Differentiation of Chromatin
4.1.1- Variability of Condensed Chromatin
4.2-Heat Absorption of Condensed Chromatin
4.3-Centromeric Heterochromatin
4.3.1- Y-Chromosome Centromeric Heterochromatin in Longeval Families
4.4- Telomeric Heterochromatin
Acrocentric Chromosomes
5.1- Nucleolar Organizer Regions 5.1.1-The Short Arm of the Human Acrocentric Chromosomes: Morphology
5.2- Human Acrocentric Chromosome Associations
5.2.1-Relationship Between the Incidence of Recognizable Satellites, Associations and Age in Group D and G Acrocentric Chromosomes
5.2.2- Satellite Associations and Ag-staining Patterns
5.2.3- Cis- and Trans-types of Chromatid Association
5.3- Transcriptional Activity of Ribosomal Cistrones
Chromosome Arrangement
6.1-Chromosome Arrangement in Metaphase Somatic Cells
6.1.1-Distribution of Homologous Chromosome Pairs
1, 2, 3 and 16
Deheterochromatinization of Chromosomes
7.1- Peptide Bioregulators Induced Reactivation of Chromatin
7.1.1- Denaturation of Total Heterochromatin
7.1.2- Transcriptional Activity of Ribosomal Genes
7.1.3- Heteromorphism of Structural C-Heterochromatin
7.1.4- Variability of Facultative Heterochromatin (Condensed Euchromatin Regions) Based on SCE Test
General Conclusions
8.1- Heterochromatinization of Chromosomes
8.2- Heterochromatinization As a Key Factor in Aging
8.3- Possible Mechanisms of Aging Pathologies References

   Binding: Hardcover
   Pub. Date: July 2006
   ISBN: 1-60021-043-0
   Status: AV
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AN Announcing
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AV Available
Special Focus Titles
01.The Bronze Mask: Protagonists of English Literature
02.Biotechnological Applications of Seaweeds
03.The Lonely Ape that Told Himself Stories: The Necessity of Stories for Human Survival
04.Different Aspects on Chemotherapy of Trypanosomatids
05.Pediatric Surgery Handbook for Residents and Medical Students
06.Fighting for a Gender[ed] Identity: An Ethnographic Examination of White Collar Boxers
07.Blood Viscosity: Its Role in Cardiovascular Pathophysiology and Hematology
08.Neonatal and Perinatal Mortality: Global Challenges, Risk Factors and Interventions
09.Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling Disorder): Clinical Characteristics, Psychological Interventions and Emotional Effects
10.Thyroid Nodules and Cancer: A Simplified Case Oriented Approach
11.Biliary Diseases with Pancreatic Counterparts: A New Disease Concept
Total Respect Management (TR3M): A Novel Approach to Achieve Safety and Performance Proactively in Any Organisation

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Human Chromosomes and Aging: From 80 to 114 Years